Logic took some time to explain to fans why he's been absent from social media for so long, letting them know that he's been working on new music and spending time with his newborn son. The rapper disappeared from the Internet about a month ago, deleting all of his social media accounts without any explanation. This drastic move concerned fans, who thought there might be something sinister was behind it. Others speculated that Logic had just gotten sick of the constant criticism against his music, like Joe Budden labelling him "one of the worst rappers to ever grace a mic." However, on Thursday, the artist explained in a post on Reddit titled "Logic Loves Y'all" that he's just "been in such a creative zone" lately while working on new music, hence the hiatus.


"Breaking my social media rule for a second to tell you guys I love you so much and just been in such a creative zone working on everything to come," he wrote. "You know me, I’m five projects and two movies ahead at all times lol. I hope you’re all being safe during this pandemic. Know that my heart is with you. I love you all and am excited for no pressure. Bars on bars on bars."

Logic social media absence hiatus explain break silence son baby newborn

He also talked about his newborn son, whom he calls "Little Bobby." Logic and his wife, Brittney Noell, announced that they were expecting their first child together back in August. "This new perspective of life has been amazing," he continued. "Mainly spending time with family and little bobby and just cooking up. Rattpack is the best fanbase in the world. This break from the internet has been absolutely incredible but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all. It’s just so fun experimenting and having fun with all music. But this next one is back to the roots for sure and I can’t wait for you to hear it when the time is right. Little Bobby boy is so cute and the most adorable little man in da worlds. Lol seriously tho, keep supporting and know I’m always here to be that voice. I LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER!"