Fans are still eagerly anticipating Logic's debut LP, and while the project is still without a release date, he's made sure to keep his loyal following satisfied with an influx of new material.

The Maryland rapper has released a few original tracks over the last 2 months, including "While You Wait", and "Now", but the one that got the most attention was definitely his collaboration with Big Sean, "Alright".

In an exclusive interview with HNHH, Logic explained how he and Big Sean linked up, revealing that it wasn't through the Kid Cudi tour as many assumed.

"I've known Sean for like two years now," he said. "We both work with No I.D., so we're kind of in that circle. We both work out of the same studio. He's a good dude, I'm a good dude, and we just vibed out."

The Young Sinatra rapper then shared the story of how Sean ended up on that instrumental in particular. "It's funny, because I wanted him to get on another song," he said, revealing that Sean was adamant about doing "Alright". "He was in the studio doing some photoshoot, but he was on the other side of the wall, and he heard the [Alright] beat and ran in, and was like 'What the fuck is this? I gotta get on this!'"

Watch the full interview below.