The ever-private Logic is not only making moves with his career, but in his personal life, as well. At the end of July, TMZ shared a news story that the rapper and his girlfriend, model-designer Brittney Noell, had obtained a marriage license. Of course, there wasn't any news given about a wedding date, but photos online suggested that Noell's friends had already thrown her a bridal shower.

Logic kept the good news coming when during his No Pressure freestyle he gave a little shout out and shared with the world that he and Noell were expecting a son. "Surprise! It’s a little baby boy, f*ck TMZ, they can’t get the scoop on that sh*t!" he said at the time. However, his qualms with TMZ have come to a lull, because the rapper was more than willing to chit chat with the outlet's cameraman who caught up with him on the street.

The pair were discussing the art of chess when Logic stated that he and his wife—a term that he had yet to publicly use when describing Noell—like to play against each other. "She's chillin', thinking about our little baby in her tummy," Logic said as he looked at Noell before the photographers offered their congratulations. Watch the brief exchange below.