On his brand new album, EverybodyLogic has a track that calls out the recent behavior of Kanye West, a man he once idolized. The song, "America" -- which features Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo, and No I.D. -- treats Kanye similarly to how J. Cole did on "False Prophets." Logic takes issue with Kanye for his "political views," and specifically his affiliation with Donald Trump. 

The verse in question begins with Logic quoting Kanye's infamous post-Katrina comments about George W. Bush. 

George Bush don't care about black people
2017 and Donald Trump is the sequel
So shit, I say what Kanye won't
Wake the fuck up and give the people what they want
Man it's all love, but the youth is confused
Your music is 20/20 but them political views
Is blurred, and I ain't trying to leave your name slurred
'Cause honestly I idolize you on everything, my word
But I gotta say what need be said
'Cause I ain't fuckin' with the hat with the colors that's white and red

Logic ends the verse by confirming his opposition to Trump and the MAGA campaign. 

Despite the harsh lyrics, Logic doesn't want there to be any bad blood between him and Ye. In fact, before the release of Everybody, Logic made sure to tweet, "I love Kanye! He's one of my greatest role models musically." 

Shortly before his tour-cancelling mental breakdown, Kanye spoke on his appreciation for Trump during a worrisome rant at a "Saint Pablo" show in November. A month later, for one of his first public appearances since the breakdown, Kanye West met with the then-President elect at Trump Tower. He's been mostly out of the spotlight, politically and otherwise, ever since. 

His meeting with Trump was controversial, to say the least, inspiring backlash from guys like T.I. and "FDT" rapper YG. Though other rappers -- such as the politically active Killer Mike -- have defended Kanye's Trump Tower visit. "Black people shouldn't have permanent friends or enemies, they should have permanent interest," explained Mike, who happens to appear on Logic's new album. 

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