Anybody saying they are the "best rapper alive" will come with a level of fan skepticism. A wizard on the microphone, Logic has a lyrical ability that is not represented equally among a younger class of rappers and can also be compared to some of the greatest talents in rap's history. While some pass off Logic as being "corny," his confidence is sky-high after the release of Bobby Tarantino II as he continues his discussion with Hard Knock TV. 

Logic calls himself the "best rapper alive," clarifying that he truly believes that at the microphone when recording or performing, there is nobody at his level. Bobby goes as far as saying, "It's like 'Duh,'" before exclaiming that away from the mic, he has so much to learn and grow. He says that when you're at a certain level of rap, you "talk that sh-t and have fun with it," before comparing his skills to those of Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne and others. 

On the subject of Drake, Logic says that while he has never met the Canadian rapper, Drizzy has reached out to him and shown him love on several occasions. Affectionately speaking about Drake as one of his peers, Logic says that he has many questions for the rapper that he would want to ask over a game of Scrabble. In particular, Logic would like to navigate topics like "being so good that people love you wherever you go but everything you do is constantly critiqued." We honestly hope this Scrabble game is televised as that's a power conversation we would love to hear.