In his newest track "1-800-273-8255," Logic puts himself in the place of a suicidal person. He reaches out to listeners who might be going through a rough period, saying there are people out there who care about them and can help. He broke down the meaning of his lyrics in a recent interview with Genius.

"I think it's a bit morbid at first [...] 'I just wanna die/ I just wanna die' [...] but I had to write this because you can't sugarcoat it," he says in the clip below. He goes on to sing in jest,"'Everything's gonna be alright mutherfucka don't kill yourself.' Like nah man it's gotta be like yo fam like, 'yeah you wanna take your life, you wanna kill yourself, you wanna slit your wrists [...] and it fuckin' sucks."

The suicidal person calls a suicide hotline, hence the title. Logic partnered with Suicide Prevention Services of America and uses their real digits.Young Sinatra explained he met many of his fans who swore his songs saved them when they were at the lowest point in their lives.

Logic never seriously considered ending his life but, realizing his lyrics had the power for change, decided to do something to help more people. He said it took him months to write down the lyrics. The song also features Khalid and Alessia Cara. 

"I have to take my time, I have to be patient because [...] this song could potentially save people's live," the rapper said.

In the second verse, he switches it up to his personal perspective, and convinces the suicidal person that their life is precious.