Logic dropped his debut album, Under Pressure, in 2014, and his many loyal fans came out and gave it a great first week in sales. The rapper's cult has been awaiting news of a new project ever since, and today they have it with the announcement of Logic's official sophomore effort, The Incredible True Story.

The news comes through a new video, as we make our way through what appears to be some kind of spaceship to find the rapper rocking out on an MPC like Kanye West in 2010. A Grizzly Bear sample quickly turns into a vocal sample assault, with Logic hammering away.

Finally, the title flashes across the screen, and the full name gives Fiona Apple a run for her money, reading, The Incredible True Story... And Transformation Of The Man Who Saved The World.

It promises to be both an album and "motion picture sci-fi epic." and will arrive this fall. Stay tuned for a bonus scene from what we assume will be a short film to accompany the LP.

Watch the clip below. Y'all ready for this one?