Logic may have retired from the rap game -- though in hip-hop, history has shown that retirement is more or less temporary -- but the multitalented artist has been steadily keeping the content alive in various other ways.

Today, Bobby has come through to lift the curtain on his next project, his first official memoir titled This Bright FutureEagle-eyed fans were quick to note that the title has been previously utilized on the No Pressure track "Heard Em Say," on which Chris Thompson sings 'Where is my place in this bright future?" 


Brian Stukes/Getty Images

"Excited to announce that my memoir, This Bright Futureis available for pre-order," announces Logic, sharing a teaser of what's to come. "This is the story of everything I've gone through and it's been a beautiful and difficult journey to relive. There's honestly so much that I've never been able to express in the music and the interviews that followed. I'm so happy and proud to finally give my fans and the rest of the world my entire story. The way I never could with my music!"

On the official website for This Bright Future, the description reads as follows: 

A self-described orphan with parents, Bobby Hall began life as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, the only child of an alcoholic, mentally ill mother on welfare and an absent, crack-addicted father. After enduring seventeen years of abuse and neglect, Bobby ran away from home and—with nothing more than a discarded laptop and a ninth-grade education—he found his voice in the world of hip-hop and a new home in a place he never expected: the untamed and uncharted wilderness of the social media age.

Look for This Bright Future to hit stores on  9.7.21, with a pre-order option available right here. Do you have any interest in hearing Logic's story as told by the man himself?