Logic fans rejoice. It's been suspected for a minute but the Everybody rapper has officially confirmed that Bobby Tarantino 2 is on the way. The long anticipated sequel is set to drop this Friday, and will no doubt feature a return of "mixtape Logic." The rapper rang in the news with an amazing Rick & Morty promo, which features voice acting from Justin Roiland as the titular characters. Put down the Szechuan sauce and and watch the excellent bit of marketing below. Hats off to Logic for securing this one.

In the clip, Rick and Morty discuss the many eras of Logic. "You gotta be a fucking idiot if you don't like Logic, but the question is, which Logic are we talking about here?" ponders Rick. "Are we talking about mixtape Logic or album Logic?" "What does it matter?" replies Morty, who requests that they listen to "album Logic."  Rick declines the offer, but not cause he's a hater. "I'm not in the mood for a message about how I can be whatever I want or equality and everybody and all that shit...I want to hear some fucking titties, throwing stacks on some ass!" 

The debate continues, and Rick makes it clear that all he wants is some turn-up music. Luckily, Logic seems ready to comply. The promo ends with preview of an energetic new song, along with the official release date: March 9th.

Are ya'll ready for some new Logic? You gotta respect a man who can laugh at himself. Here's to another year full of surprise drops.