Popular YouTuber Logan Paul has announced that he will no longer be uploading daily vlogs to his channel in the future. 

This news comes as disappointing to his millions of subscribers, but they can rest easy knowing that the neither the vlogs or the videos are going away completely. 

In a video announcing his decision, Paul states that, "I have done a lot of vlogs every day in a row, and I'm blessed. I'm thankful. But your boy wants to exercise his creativity in other ways." He goes on the mention that the vlogs will simply be uploaded at a much slower pace, and wont end as long as his "heart stays thumping on this goddamn Earth."

Paul has attracted a lot of controversy in his short time as a famous YouTuber, most of it stemming from a video Paul uploaded in January of a man who had hanged himself in Japan's Aokigahara forest, also known as the "suicide forest." The video resulted in a massive backlash to Paul, and continued infractions resulted in YouTube temporarily shutting off all monetization for his videos, removing his account from preferred status, and cancelling his appearances on YouTube's original shows. 

Paul doesn't cite the penalties as a reason for his slowing down, instead referring to the multitude of plans he has coming up. "YouTube is not my career," said Paul. "This is a hobby. I hopped on this platform like two years ago. I have diversified, bro. I've got my tentacles spread out in a lot of industries."