Whenever you see Logan Paul's name in the headlines, you know that some ridiculousness is about to go down. A while back, the popular YouTuber ended up rueing the day he dared enter Japan's "Suicide Forest," which earned its macabre handle due to the high amount of suicides that transpire there. In case you missed it, Logan Paul and his cohorts documented their journey into the woods a la The Blair Witch Project, only to stumble upon an actual dead body hanging from a tree. While Paul is visibly shaken, the controversy stemmed from the fact he still ended up posting the video to his channel.

The backlash was substantial, and even celebrities like Aron Paul, Sophie Turner, and Piers Morgan were quick to rip into the YouTube megastar. While Paul ended up taking a self-imposed hiatus, he came back with a seemingly sincere attempt at reconciliation, in which posted a mini-doc highlighting the dangers of mental health issues. And just as all started seeming right in the world again, Logan Paul went and messed it all up again - at least, in the eyes of his numerous detractors.  

"Bartier Cardi" rapper Cardi B recently posed a picture with the caption "they tinna crucify me like they did Christ." Logan Paul actually chimed in on the image, seemingly agreeing with Cardi's "me-against-the-world" sentiment. "Lawlz u tellin me," writes Paul, seemingly alluding to the mass backlash he recently suffered. The exchange was captured by a few eagle-eyed Twitter users, and can be seen below.