Logan Paul is fresh off of his fight against Floyd Mayweather and after making millions of dollars, it is clear that he is ready for more. There are certainly going to be some big opportunities coming his way and while the Floyd fight didn't sell as well as some were hoping, there is still a lot of money to be made out there.

In fact, during a recent episode of "Impaulsive," Logan made the claim that his lawyer brought up a potential fight against Mike Tyson. Iron Mike is 54 years old but is still going strong, and a fight against Logan would prove to be intriguing. While most would take Tyson in that fight, Logan seems as confident as ever that he could take the legend down.


"Someone mentioned Mike Tyson," Logan explained. "My lawyer mentioned it and he's like, 'Nah, Tyson will rip your head off, you don't stand a chance.' I'm like, 'I just went through all this.' You can't tell me I can't beat Mike Tyson. He's old, old."

When you take their age gap into consideration, a win for Logan wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. However, it simply wouldn't be that impressive as he has much more agility and endurance when you consider how he's in his 20s. 

Either way, we're sure someone out there is trying to make this happen, and if the money's right, who knows...maybe Mike will do it.

Logan Paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images