Lloyd Banks hasn't had the greatest luck as it pertains to these viral lists going around. When a rap fan organized a list of the best fifty spitters of all time, the G-Unit star was placed dead-last, which garnered a response from the emcee.

"Last tho? I’m trash," joked Banks on Twitter at the time.

This week, we went live with our latest list, tallying the greatest twenty-five debut albums of the century (so far) and, as if to say he's tired of all the lists circulating, Lloyd Banks complained again and begged to just be taken off this time around. Commenting on our post, he pulled through with his official response to his placement.


"Man...take me off please! Somebody else can have that spot," wrote the Punchline King. His project Hunger For More landed at the twentieth spot, just ahead of Rapsody and Run The Jewels.

Clearly, Lloyd Banks isn't one for the opinion-based chatter. This time around, he wasn't last but No. 20 doesn't feel like a good fit to him. Since he wants to be removed altogether, who would you suggest in his place? Is there a debut album that we failed to mention? Let us know in the comments.Lloyd Banks list