It's finally happening. Lloyd Banks is delivering a new album, mysteriously titled COTI, at some point in the near future. At this moment, little is known about the project, save for what we can discern from a recently released trailer and a few hints on Twitter. Now, Banks has offered another glimpse behind the veil, coming through to drop off another new trailer, this time coming complete with a voice-over.

Once again featuring cinematic footage of New York City, an unidentified narrator proceeds to set the tone of what's to come. "We have never known life without struggle or peace without war," it begins. "We have been simply faded in our own existence. But what do we say to the people who fear the choices they'll have to make without any bit of guidance in this world? As if they already don't have a sense of direction. If they're not sure if it's their time to shine or stray away like it wasn't already written."

Lloyd Banks

Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty Images

"But how do we let destiny come to us?" continues the narrator. "I guess until you accept it, you'll keep on searching." Cryptic to be sure, but perhaps a telling glimpse at Banks' current headspace. No doubt fans were quick to search for clues about the enigmatic COTI acronym, with "choices" feeling like a potential contender for the C spot. It should be noted that the instrumental used here is the same as the one from the previous trailer, fueling further speculation that it will be included on the album in some capacity. 

Check out the newest trailer for Lloyd BanksCOTI, and keep an eye out for further details as they surface. Are you excited about the return of the Punchline King?