One does not gain the title of "Punchline King" by being outclassed at every turn. For Lloyd Banks, the rise to rap royalty was a long and winding road, lined with countless mixtapes, a triumphant G-Unit run, and at least one classic solo album in The Hunger For More. Yet throughout the past few years, it's been relatively low-key for the PLK, to the point where his every word has been placed under the microscope.

Prince Williams / Contributor/Getty Images

But can you blame the masses, us at HNHH included, for hanging on Lloyd Banks' every word? In an era that has seen a resurgence in grimy lyrical rap, along the lines of "Juvenile Hell," Banks' recent collaboration with Conway The Machine, Havoc, and Flee Lord, some new music from the PLK would be greatly appreciated.  And while he has indeed been teasing a resurgence, having previously hinted at the upcoming release of a comeback project, Banks appears confident that his skills are as sharp as ever. So much so that he's positive that he can still out-rap the majority of his peers, as evidenced by a recent Twitter post.

After one fan declares that Banks was superior to ninety-percent of the rap game, the Punchline King came through to adjust the numbers to better suit his own assessment. "99%" he corrects, his competitive spirit alive and well. And while he neglects to share the one-percenters who may stand a chance, perhaps his own recent listening habits hold the answer. When asked about what he's got in rotation, Banks singles out Benny The Butcher, Nas, Sheff G, and Sleepy Hallow.

Check out his recent tweets below, and be sure to keep an eye out for more news on Lloyd Banks as it emerges. Do you think a new tape from the PLK would further solidify his dominance in the rap game? Provided that even needs to be solidified to begin with.