LL Cool J is taking a festival promoter to court over the use of their name. The rapper filed a lawsuit against Guerilla Union Inc., the promoters behind "Rock The Bells" festival, accusing them of ripping off the name of his 1985 hit song, the Blast reports. The rapper has asked the judge to stop the promoters from using his hit single for the annual festival which ran from 2004-2013.

LL Cool J filed a lawsuit against Guerilla Union Inc. and the company's founder Chang Weisberg who the legendary rapper accuses of trademarking "Rock The Bells" in 2004. He alleged that Weisberg and Guerilla Union Inc. filed for the trademark for the hip-hop festival without proper authorization from LL Cool J or his camp. Along with his 1985 single, LL Cool J launched a SiriusXM radio channel called "Rock The Bells" earlier this year. 

LL Cool J claims that he requested that the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board put a halt to all of Guerilla Union's trademarks. The board ultimately granted LL Cool J his wish last year. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for the concert promoter to stop as LL Cool J accuses them continuously attempting to trademark the name for other purposes. 

The legendary rapper has demanded that the judge permit an injunction stopping Guerilla Union Inc from using the name of his song as well as for unspecified damages.