LL Cool J is known for many things. He played an essential role in the formulation of the Hip Hop we know and love today, he has a series of unbeatable classics and he is a ladies man. During his prime, LL Cool J's signature lip-licking gesture was essential to his sex appeal and it is thus surprising that he never managed to snag any chapstick or lip care sponsorships at the time. And in case you were wondering why, the rapper has recently shared the answer. LL Cool J was hanging out in Midtown NYC this past Monday and when he was asked why his famous lips have never been approached for a chapstick deal, he responded quite frankly. 

"No, they hated my black lips back then," shared LL with the photographer who posed the question. It is unclear whether LL Cool J was referring to a specific situation or if he meant the reason applied to all chapsticks companies in general, but had his fame been brought to today, a sponsorship would have surely resulted. The two-time Grammy award recipient also stated he was planning on making a return to music. He shared: "yeah, I'm gonna do another album."