Let it be known, the aunties are still rocking out to LL Cool J. On Monday, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame snubbed LL Cool J for the fifth-time-running, giving rise to consternation from lifelong fans, and on the other end, an editorial piece by Vulture writer Pete Tosiello in support of the "snub." As you can imagine, the editorial piece titled "An Honest Evaluation of LL Cool J’s Entire Career" was met with even more consternation from the LL fans amassed in his defense on social media.

There are quite a few "cringeworthy" comments contained in the piece, including a passage in which Tosiello refers to LL as a "vaguely handsome, vaguely likable translator of hip-hop for the American Top 40 audience," and another where he writes, "LL Cool J, the icon, is a malleable meathead, a purveyor of stone-cold old-school classics, novelty hits, and spoken-word melodrama." 

Within the same passage, Tosiello added, "Within LL, what you see is what you get, and a lot of the time that’s a musclebound B-list action star making duckfaces at the camera." Tosiello was allowed to adjourn his sentence in the written form, but as soon as his piece went to press, the Twitterverse collectively clenched their fists in Tosiello's direction. Here are the best of the best social media responses.