As one of the first people in hip hop to transcend the music and create a brand for himself in different avenues of the entertainment industry, LL Cool J always keeps himself busy but has not been creating much music until lately.  Now he has a new album in the works, which is his 13th studio effort, and last night he announced it will be dropping February 12th. 

After already releasing two cuts, the out of character “Ratchet” and the vintage LL sounding “Take It”, Cool James has let it be known he is back.  While on the Craig Ferguson Show (from HHNM) he talked about his new album Authentic Hip-Hop and revealed it is slated for a February 12th release. 

Afterwards the hip hop legend went on his official MySpace page and confirmed it.  Since he is from the old school, don’t expect this album to get stuck in “delay hell” like many albums these days.