LL Cool J has found a second coming on Sirius XM, keeping the Old Head Energy alive and flowing through his Rock The Bells station. With an emphasis on classic tunes from several lost eras, LL's Bells is a welcome reprieve from some of today's vibes, available for anyone seeking a stroll down memory lane. Aside from reliving days gone by, LL also holds it down with several extensive interviews, many of which find him chopping it up with hip-hop icons. Now, he's lined up a conversation with the legendary Dr. Dre, which will air in full on Saturday April 20th. 

Today, Billboard has shared a pair of snippets from the talk, which find Dre reflecting on his days coming up in NWA, crafting classics alongside Eazy-E. "The reality was it was just me and Eazy-E in there, and it took us hours to talk him into getting on the mic and doing "Boyz-n-The-Hood." We're punching in every line, line by line throughout the whole shit." When LL asks if Eazy was hating the entire process, Dre affirms the suspicion. "One hundred percent."

He also opens up about his time working with Snoop Dogg, a creative partnership the Doggfather celebrated not long ago. "I had no idea he rapped or whatever, and my stepbrother Warren G brought him in. So he came in, and he went in the studio - I'll never forget - and he just did this freestyle over James Brown's "Payback." He went on, I'm waiting for the fu*king chorus to come in. He's just raw talent. He didn't understand that part yet. And [Deep Cover] was the first time we actually sat in and started producing. That was our first time with him actually understanding song structure."

Look for many more gems to surface as Dre and LL Cool J get to reminiscing. The interview airs on Rock The Bells on Saturday, 3PM EST.