She gave an emotional performance of her song "Jerome" at the American Music Awards this past weekend and she's nominated for eight Grammy Awards. Lizzo has been a breakout star in 2019, but she doesn't want anyone to believe that this all just came out of nowhere. For years she's had dreams of being a successful artist but has been met with roadblocks along the way.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

On Monday, someone on Twitter thanked her for never giving up and persevering when failure seemed imminent. She replied, "8 years of touring, giving out free tix to my undersold shows, sleepless nights in my car, losing my dad & giving up on music, playing shows for free beer & food w/ -32$ in my bank account, constantly writing songs, hearing ‘no’ but always saying 'yes.' Glad I never gave up."

The singer shared a screenshot of her tweet and uploaded it to her Instagram with an additional inspirational thought she shared in the caption. "This is what ‘overnight success’ looks like," she said. "Don’t give up. Your moment is waiting for you." Meanwhile, rapper cupcakKe shared a message on social media that Lizzo later retweeted as a "PSA."

"Can y’all stop comparing me to lizzo, I don’t look like her or sound like her so lets cut the bullsh*t at this point," cupcaKe wrote. "Let her do her thing & let me do mine ... but y’all really gotta stop playing with me at this point."