Lizzo is the body-positive young woman changing the way we look at pop stars. In previous years, few people like her have absolutely taken over in the way that she has. Her incredible voice, impressive performance skills and extravagant charisma have made her a fan-favourite in the world of hip-hop and pop. With a Top 10 hit in her bag, Lizzo is on her way to the top and she's fully striving right now. She will be starring alongside Jennifer Lopex and Cardi B in the upcoming film Hustlers but she also has ideas about reality television. While she may not be set to form her own tv show yet, she would be down to film a season of The Bachelorette under a few conditions.

There is undoubtedly a lot of sex that happens in the Bachelorette house. Whoever the woman is in the middle of the show is winning Hot Girl Summer by default. However, that part of the show is not actually televised. Lizzo would only be down to participate if the show considered airing some raunchy scenes between herself and her harem of men.

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In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the superstar singer laid out her guidelines for her own season of the show. "If I was the ‘Bachelorette,’ it would just be the coolest season ever," said the 31-year-old. "The men would have to be naked and they would have to wear little thong briefs and they would have to feed me grapes."

In the Fantasy Suite, Lizzo wants all of the NSFW action to be televised, which might not fit censorship rules. "It would be mandatory to get my p***y eaten at least once on the whole season, and it would have to be filmed. It can be blurred, but I would want the people to know. The kids gotta learn someday."

Would you be down for a season of The Bachelorette with Lizzo?

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