Lizzo has been described as a funk virtuoso by those who've seen her up-close and personal. After blessing the silver screen with a makeshift workout video in "Juice," the Minneapolis-bred singer-rapper-musician extraordinaire jumped on stage with a flute and whizzed away. Unfortunately, last night's Tonight Show appearance did not incorporate a workout outfit, a flute or even a flugelhorn.

Lizzo showed Jimmy Fallon the same level of poise she displayed during her Ellen appearance last month. The longer the look, the easier it's become to ascertain the ease with which Lizzo operates before a live audience - her Tonight Show performance last night was no different. 

Lizzo had the crowd's full attention the moment the main flute sample from Van McCoy’s "The Hustle" crept on the system. Lizzo, wearing a sequin bodysuit, the colour and shimmer of a disco ball, sauntered in a choreographed line with 4 backup dancers mirroring her movement - not to be outdone by the DJ who was also privy to the moveset. By the second iteration of "Juice's" main chorus, Lizzo thought it appropriate ad-lib the show's host into the song's chorus. "Hold up, Jimmy, please don’t make me have to take your bitch," she mustered, prompting Jimmy Fallon to slap the table uncontrollably.