We previously reported on Nicki Minaj celebrating her 12 years in the game with a post wherein she emphasized the multiple contributions she made to the Hip Hop industry as a female artist, the importance of writing her own content, and most importantly, paying her dues to those who came before her. While Twitter and other social media platforms split into two teams, one which favored and/or opposed Nicki Minja's views, the majority showed love to the artist. And most recently, budding Hip Hop artist Lizzo became one of the Barbz and thought it best to respond in favor of the rapper with a video where she showed love to Nicki Minaj for opening doors for women like her in Hip Hop. In response to a question posed on her Instagram live, Lizzo shared the following when asked about her opinion on Nicki Minaj:

"Here's my opinion. Influential, ground-breaking, ushered in the new wave of this generation of women in rap. Bars, punch-lines, iconic voice. I love Nicki. B*tch what?" Clearly, Lizzo said what she said and is unapologetically standing with Ms. Minaj. The "MEGATRON" artist retweeted the video and wrote: "And I love you back mama!!!" Are you Team Nicki or do you think otherwise?