If you're a fan of a particular celebrity, it'd be nice if you were able to not mistake them for someone else in public. In the past year, Lizzo has seen her star rise to new heights. The pop star has taken over airwaves, signed sponsorship deals, toured the world, and even won multiple Grammys. She can't go anywhere without people asking for photos and autographs, and apparently, neither can Tokyo Vanity.

Lousiana rapper Tokyo Vanity is known for her stints on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but it seems that in her spare time she could double for Lizzo. "The Caucasian people on the plane think I’m Lizzo when they meet Lizzo fr they gonna think she their cousin cause I’m making a great 1st impression for sis," Tokyo Vanity tweeted.

She jokingly added, "B*tch im over here googling Lizzo’s autograph cause now they going too far... I was cool w/ signing the song but y’all know I can’t even get my own autograph right... tf imma do ?" Aside from doubling for Lizzo, Tokyo shared yesterday (June 29) that she and her boyfriend BC Jay were no longer together after being together for a little over a year. Check out her tweets below.