Lizzo has previously opened up about the issue with being compared to Beyonce, detailing how her "whole entire career is about individuality" and being compared to another act takes away from her authenticity. Lizzo not wanting to be compared to Bey doesn't mean there's no love for the singer and in a recent interview with Tim Shiel (Australian radio host), the "Truth Hurts" singer explained just why she hasn't met Beyonce yet considering the numerous amount of opportunities she's had. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

"I’ve had many opportunities because she was in the room or someone’s like ‘Have you met B? You want me to introduce you?’ And I always say ‘Nope!’ Because I’m so scared, like I’m so scared to meet her," she explained. Lizzo let it be known that she isn't afraid of famous people, she would just rather appreciate from afar. 

"I think that by the time I’ve got to them, they know my music as well. I’ve never approached an artist and been like, ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan’. I always just stand far away with my eyes really wide and just not say anything," she explained. "So now I’m in a position where they approach me and say, ‘Hey, I like your s##t’, and I’m like, ‘Woah, that’s exciting!’"

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