Lil Baby has been one of the hottest and hardest working rappers in the game this year. The rapper already released two projects this year: his studio debut, Harder Than Ever and the long-awaited and excellent joint effort with GunnaDrip Harder. Tonight, Lil Baby will be releasing his second solo project of the year, Street Gossip. To cap off a productive year, the rapper is hosting a free show in his hometown of Atlanta. Unfortunately, not everyone could be there, but Baby found a solution. The rapper will be livestreaming the performance.

Regardless of where you are right now, Lil Baby is giving fans the opportunity to tune into his show in Atlanta tonight. The "Lil Baby & Friends Fan Concert" will be livestreamed across several platforms such as YouTube, IGTV and Twitter, giving fans numerous ways to watch the show live. At this point, it's unsure who the "friends" are but we could assume it'll be some of his close collaborators. According to reports, the performers that will be touching the stage alongside the "Yes Indeed" rapper have a combined total of 33.1B streams. 

Lil Baby's Street Gossip project will arrive at midnight and features the likes of Meek Mill, his Drip Harder partner Gunna, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and Migos' Offset. We're excited to see what Lil Baby has to offer on his upcoming project.