An unfortunate side effect to wildly popular festivals and the promoters that run them are reports of rampant drug use on the regular. Sadly, overdoses happen to concertgoers regularly and there's no signs that this trend will die down anytime soon. Now, Live Nation is feeling backlash from supposedly turning a blind eye to the use of Molly during a California festival last year.

According to TMZ, the event company are being sued because a 22-year-old girl died after overdosing on Molly. The parents of concertgoer Roxanne Ngo, who passed away after consuming the drug at Hard Fest 2016 in San Bernardino, CA, are claiming that Live Nation ignored the fact that fthose who attended the festival did drugs and the risks involved, such as severe dehydration in the summer.

The court documents state that, after Roxanne took Molly, she became dehydrated because Live Nation did not have enough water stations readily available for festivalgoers. Apparently, she showed clear signs of dehydration before becoming unconscious. EMTs were also supposedly delayed more than an hour after there were only 4 medical stations at the venue to account for nearly 150,000 attendees. Lack of sufficient police presence, in the name of bigger profits, was also listed in the suit as a reason for the tragic turn of events. Live Nation told TMZ that they do not comment on ongoing litigation.