TMZ reports that a couple fans are taking legal action against LiveNation after they were allegedly injured at a Future concert last May in NYC.

Catrina Washington and Shauntay Harris filed separate lawsuits against Live Nation and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the show went down last May, for injuries they say they suffered after getting trampled in a stampede at the concert.

In the documents, Washington and Harris say fireworks were used during the performance, setting off a loud noise and causing a panic amongst fans, which allegedly led to them getting stomped all over as people scattered in chaos. Some people thought the fireworks had been gunshots, and thats why the chaos ensued.

The NYPD later released a statement on that noise, saying that a loud metal-on-metal sound erupted when the stage was lowered too quickly at the end of the show. They believe that, coupled with the sound of gunshots in one of the songs, is what caused the scare.

For what it’s worth, Future is NOT listed in the lawsuit at the moment, but rather Rome Fortune is. However sources say that is a mistake and Rome will presumably be dropped as he was nowhere near the venue that night, while Future will then be added. 

Live Nation nor Barclays Center have yet to comment or respond to these allegation.

There’s no word yet on how much the ladies are suing for either, but we’ll keep you posted if any further developments arise moving forward. In the meantime, relive the chaos (below) with some fan-captured footage.