Jesy Nelson of the pop group Little Mix is currently facing a ton of heat for willingly singing along to an R. Kelly song in a post she made public via Instagram. Given the circumstances, it didn't take long for the backlash to reach Nelson directly, prompting the immediate deletion of the post. But as always, the Internet screenshot reigns sovereign over each and every one of our sober mistakes. Although in this scenario, I suspect Nelson should have exerted better judgment.

As you can see, Nelson was at a dinner party with a friend, when the "Ignition" Remix comes on. She immediately pulls her friend into camera view and begins to sing along to the lyrics. The backlash stemming from the controversial "sing-along" has mostly come from her own fans. This is the same Jesy Nelson who once encouraged her friend to enunciate the N-Word in a song, in a video she ended up posting herself.

Without delving too deep into the culture of discrimination in Europe, it's interesting to note that R. Kelly has been able to secure bookings in Germany but not in his home state. As for Jesy Nelson, I do hope her flippant behavior is born out of social isolation and nothing else. I've been duped before.