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Listen To Juicy J's "Drop A Bag," Produced By Metro Boomin

Juicy J - Drop A Bag Feat. GOD (Prod. By Metro Boomin)

  Dec 09, 2017 18:28
From Juicy's new project Rubba Band Business.

Anyone who's been following Juicy J since his Lex Luger-assisted rejuvenation at the beginning of the decade know the Rubba Band Business series. Though the last RBB mixtape was in 2011, Juicy has returned to the title on his new studio album, and while Lex Luger only joins for two tracks, the spirit of the originals is very much in tact. "Drop A Bag" is one of a couple of songs produced by Metro Boomin, who may be the hardest working producer of 2017.

Opening with a slowed down "If Young Metro don't trust you...", the track is dark and brooding for even by Metro and Juicy's standards. It also features a guest appearance from G-O-D, who provides a more nimble verse in contrast to Juicy's bassy bellows. Oh yeah, there's a whole lot of "yeah hoe"s, because why wouldn't there be?

Quotable Lyrics:
Perpetrate, impersonate
You too soft to catch a fade
I got n---as in these streets
That touch more snow than Christmas Day
Blow my high, lose my cool
You gon' make the evening news
They can't find your head to ID you
They don't have a clue
It's going down on your block
Where the bread at?
Catch you sleepin'
Homie, send some shots, where your bed at?
Got your bitch, like what you thinking n---a,
Where your head at?

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- Dec 11, 2017


Im Naked
- Dec 11, 2017

The track with Wiz & Ty Dolla sign, and also the one with Tory & Belly were 🔥🔥🔥

the only song i didn't add to my playlist from the album

- Dec 9, 2017

Who is G-O-D?

xlx Trinity xlx
- Dec 9, 2017

Juicy J's prodigy

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