Earlier today, we reported on Eminem's appearance on Shade 45's annual "Hanukkah Radio" broadcast, with Paul Rosenberg and DJ Whoo Kid. While we didn't have full audio from the interview, a snippet was nabbed from a Twitter user, where we heard Em sing what he claims is the hook to his next single. 

This afternoon, Whoo Kid released the full audio (no video) for the interview, where you'll get some context to that hook, kinda sorta. Em does preface it with saying, in all seriousness too, "I'm working on my new single too. Yeah, it's coming out soon...You want the hook to it? I can give you a taste of the hook," he says, before getting into the lyrics: "Tell me what time, what time, what time, what time you sucking it..."

Paul Rosenberg concludes, "We're fucked." Em ends the interview by saying, "Look out for that, 'What Time Are You Sucking It?' I feel like it's probably gunna be a big record." 

Catch the full audio below, where they get into some football discussion as well.