Just when you thought everything was cooling down around the beef triangle between The Game, Meek Mill, and Beanie Sigel, some new audio has been shared that relates to the feud. Complex points to audio posted by Fameolous.com, allegedly acquired from a former State Property affiliate, and said to be taken from a phone conversation between The Game and Beanie Sigel, though it's not specified when the talk took place.

"He violated me, my n*gga," says a voice assumed to be Game, while someone who sounds a lot like Beans replies, "You got every right to do whatever you want to do to Meek ... I could give two shits. We not making no paper with Meek, he ain't trying to do nothing for me. He ain't call me to ask me to do a record or nothing."

"You see how happy that n*gga was when he smiled just for those two lines," Beans continued, likely referencing the first clip of the "OOOUUU" remix he posted to his Instagram account which featured a very excited Meek Mill.

Meek Mill is getting ready to release his long-awaited DC4 mixtape any day now. Here's hoping that brings the focus back to the music.

Watch the clip below.