Every generation has its own aesthetically pleasing body image shape. Decades ago, what we consider to be "plus-size" was the sought after physique. The waif supermodels of the late 1970s and 1980s shifted what people were told was beautiful, and soon, both men and women strived to drop down to unlivable weights. A few shifts later, body shapes have changed once again and LisaRaye McCoy believes it arrived because of the Kardashian-Jenners.

LisaRaye McCoy
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

"The Kardashians have single-handedly change the woman's body shape that's acceptable now," LisaRaye said in a social distancing episode of Out Loud with Claudia Jordan. Also in the chat were singer Syleena Johnson and actress Vivica A. Fox. It seems like Syleena and Vivia agreed with LisaRaye because they immediately "sipped their tea" and gave a few side-eyes. "Now, it's the small waist, all this ass, look like the ankles can't even hold up all of that... I'm thinking to myself, 'I don't want my body to look like that. 'Cause that's the body that everybody has now.'"

Claudia interjected and added that "everyone looks the same" because they "all are going to the same doctor." Syleena and Vivica wanted to know what these women will look like decades from now when they're 70-years-old. "Already looking a fool," Syleena said. LisaRaye continued, "The generations after that feel like that's what they have to do to secure the bag, as they say now."

The Player's Club actress also said the need to look a certain way is being perpetuated by social media and regular folks feel as if they need to alter themselves to look like this unrealistic aesthetic. Vivica chimed in saying that women are showing off all of their goods and twerking for free because it brings in followers, unlike herself and LisaRaye who played strippers in films because they "got checks for that." Watch the ladies discuss body image below.