LisaRaye and her sister Da Brat are not on good terms. They're currently in a dark period of their relationship, with Da Brat admitting that they haven't seen each other since the beginning of the pandemic. 

For LisaRaye's birthday this week, her Cocktails With Queens co-hosts decide to surprise her by inviting her sister on the show, claiming that they were unaware of their rift. Once she popped onto the Zoom call, LisaRaye was visibly distraught, bursting into tears and remaining silent for six minutes before telling her, "I just wanna know that you happy." She was referring to Brat's new relationship with Jessica Dupart.

She confirmed that she was hurt after learning of Da Brat's relationship through the blogs, airing out her sister and saying: "I guess my place is not what I thought it was."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Syleena Johnson weighs in after that, claiming that this could be Brat's way of reaching out to LisaRaye to tell her she loves her, as she did during LisaRaye's six-minute silence, but things remained uncomfortable.

As one of her co-hosts said, "shit went all the way left". It probably would have been smart to check in with LisaRaye before inviting Da Brat onto the show, on her birthday no less.

Watch the video below.