Lisa Bloom has confirmed that her client, Trey Songz' alleged assault victim, has won the court order she filed yesterday. The court issue effectively allows her client the privacy and freedom to reestablish herself, past the point of certain pronunciations. Trey Songz has yet to reach out to Lisa or her client in the hopes of reaching disclosure or a decision in the case. The prosecution led by Lisa Bloom, continues to search for a key witness among the many bystanders present at the Hollywood Hills party on Feb. 17. The court order will also help enforce boundaries between the her client and Trey Songz' entourage, in lieu of the case becoming an arms race, or a defamation countersuit.

Lisa Bloom has spent the better part of a decade defending women in high profile cases of abuse. In an ironic twist, it was her defection from Harvey Weinstein's legal team in 2017, which reaffirmed her  cause célèbre as a defender of women's rights. We hope that Lisa Bloom and other litigation experts continue to act judiciously in their objective of gender inequality, against all the odds.