Lil Yachty tried to warn us about his mugshot. He begged for it not to see the light of day, uploading a video on his ultra-popular TikTok account.

"Well, we've come to this," dramatically says the Atlanta rapper in his video, looking at a report about his arrest. "Um, yeah, it happened. But not today, this was like two weeks ago. Or, like a week ago. I don't know how it happens. God forbid the mugshot comes out. Hopefully, it doesn't. Slow down, kids."


##greenscreen slow down kiddies

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Right on cue, the mugshot has arrived and, just as Lil Yachty warned, it's a sight to behold.

According to his tweet on the matter, the "Oprah's Bank Account" artist isn't looking too hot. "God I look homeless and janky in my mugshot," wrote Lil Boat about it.

The star was pulled over for speeding, being clocked at over 150MPH on a highway in Atlanta. The police officer arrested him and, shortly after, the rapper confirmed that he was no longer in jail. It's unclear if he bailed himself out or if he was ever kept in jail in the first place.

Between this incident and his car crash earlier in the summer, we hope that Lil Yachty has learned his lesson and will stop driving so freaking fast. What are you in a rush for?!