Lil Yachty continues to stay out here winning. After being featured in the latest Sprite commercial & topping the charts with DRAM for “Brocollo,” the internet sensation is now getting some guap from Nautica, who’s called him for their upcoming holiday season collection with Urban Outfitters. On Thursday, Nautica announced that they were launching a new limited edition '90s inspired line and Lil Yachty is going to be the model & face of it.

Ranging from $35-$99, the collection will include everything from long and short sleeve tees, track pants, jackets, sweatpants, hoodies and a hat that are all decorated with Nautica's signature logo.

Look for Lil Yachty to laos be included in the digital ad campaign for the collaboration as well, which will be available online on Nov. 14. Check out some of the collection on Yachty in the gallery above.