Fresh off the drop of Lil Boat 2, Lil Yachty has been hitting the press circuit. First, the young rapper came through to spit some bars for Funkmaster Flex, solidifying himself as a man of honor. Now, he's sitting down with another elder statesman, Ebro Darden for an extensive and wide ranging interview. 

In one interesting moment, Lil Yachty proceeds to open up about his recently announced joint mixtape with Takeoff, who was conspicuously absent from Lil Boat 2. "A lot of people were confused as to why he was the one not on there out of the Migos," says Yachty. "But me and Takeoff have a whole joint project coming." When Ebro asks Yachty about the dynamic between them, Yachty's response reveals a shared sense of ambition. "Every time we're together, it's plot, bro. Our shit's about to be fire. I'm excited for the world to hear Takeoff on his own. Man, he's just so smart! He always thinks future forward. When you talk to Takeoff he's a very funny person, and he's always talking about a plan."

Boat also opens up about his recent solo project, Lil Boat 2, which is already looking to be more of a success than his previous Teenage Emotions. "With this new album, it's basically like a time capsule, but like updated," explains Yachty. "When I first started making music two years ago I was rapping...Not like a lyrical rapper, but I was rapping on 808s and hard hitting beats...That's what my fans knew me for." Eventually, he found himself being steered into a pop lane, which rubbed some of his fans the wrong way. "I loved [Teenage Emotions] personally, but I feel like I let my fans down," says Yachty. 

He proceeds to share some advice he got from Quality Control CEO Pee. "What he said to me was 'Teenage Emotions was a great body of work, but it was too soon. Kanye West did three full albums before he did 808s & Heartbreaks." If you're a fan of Yachty, be sure to check out the full interview below.