There were a few notable beefs that came to define 2017, but the drama between Joe Budden, Lil Yachty and Migos was one of the year's more entertaining narratives. The whole thing popped off during the early days of Everyday Struggle, when Budden and Akademiks were still discovering their chemistry. During a now-legendary episode, Budden basically laid into Yachty over his perceived business ignorance; ultimately, it felt like Budden meant well, despite struggling with the delivery of his key points. Intentions aside, the discourse led to some animosity between Yachty and Budden, a beef which drew the ire of Quality Control's Coach K, Pee, and Migos. 

After the beef reached a peak at the BET awards, it soon went on to fizzle out. At least, until a few weeks ago, when Migos dropped their Quality Control compilation album with the Joe Budden dissing "Ice Tray," which featured none other than Lil Yachty. The song even landed a video treatment, including a trio of Joe, Akademiks and Nadeksa doppelgangers. And while the song did seem to mildly irritate Joe Budden, who went on to pull the OG card on Quavo, he ultimately seemed to be enjoying the feud. Now, Lil Yachty has opened up about the beef, seemingly confirming the idea that it's all in the name of entertainment.

TMZ caught up with Lil Boat, and asked if the QC camp wanted Joe to watch the video. "He's seen it," says Yachty. "Honestly, we not even worried about Joe. Honestly, it's like we're poking fun at it, we're just bored. It's not like we're angry, we're not mad at him, we're just having fun." When asked about the song's Joe hating lyrics, Yachty responds by saying "that's just how we feel right now." He also opens up about the video, and reveals that the whole lookalike thing was actually leaked. Catch more from Yachty by checking out the video below.