Joe Budden, beware the Boaty.

In a new Instagram post, Lil Yachty shared a picture that details the sales figures of Joe Budden's new album. According to these numbers, Budden's latest LP did  a little over 10k in true sales and 12.2k with streams included. Meanwhile, Yachty's debut, Teenage Emotions, entered the Billboard 200 chart for the week of June 5th with 46,000 units, as per Billboard

Budden and Yachty have clashed before and this is just the latest shade that's being dropped from one to the other. Though it may be said that his sales performance was better than Budden's, Teenage Emotions certainly wasn't the smash Yachty had hoped for with hip-hop consumers, leaving some legitimate questions as to his overall staying power.

You can view the Instagram post below.