With Lil Yachty, there's nothing but positive vibes. 

For a young rapper who has been taking the world by storm this year, thanks in large part to his debut album Teenage Emotions, Yachty hasn't lost sight of those who support or eschewed chances to give back to that ever-growing community. Case in point was yesterday (October 9th), when the emcee stopped by Georgia State University to pass on some valuable bits of wisdom to some unsuspecting music journalism students.

The Atlanta native supposedly joined the course for the entire day, speaking to the students about a variety of topics and even taking questions from those in attendance. His father, Shannon McCollum, was the one behind the whole visit, according to XXL. “The professor at #gsu had been hitting my inbox and whenever he saw me out he would say it would be so awesome if you and @lilyachty could speak with my students,” he wrote, concerning the planning aspect of the university appearance. “The time finally presented itself. Miles was off tour and to be honest he needed to relax but he was open to speaking. It meant a lot to the students cuz no one knew. My only request is that he not tell the students. I wanted to sneak in and out. Well we snuck in but by the time we left it was a mob outside the school. Lol they asked him a lot of questions on do’s & Dont’s when it comes to interviewing celebrities. He preached do you!! Really believe in your goals and dreams.”

The students were thrilled at the rapper's surprise visit, with one enrollee calling the Teenage Emotions artist a "gem." You can check out some of the pictures that have popped up on social media from the visit below.


Yachty has also been busy on the music video front lately, gracing us with two new visuals over the past couple of weeks. First, there was his solo effort "Lady In Yellow," followed up the Young Thug collab "On Me," both of which have garnered enthusiastic responses from the public so far. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.