2020 has been a massive year in the world of TikTok. Still, you'd think some of TikTok's biggest stars would embrace getting some love in rap music but that doesn't seem to be the case with Bryce Hall and Addison Rae. Apparently, neither were too appreciative of Lil Yachty's shout out to Rae on DJ Scheme's "E-ER."

"I want Addison Rae to become my doctor and check on my privates/ Put her in a skirt and a scarf like a pilot," he raps on the song

Bryce Hall wasn't entirely a fan of Yachty directing him to the line after he issued an open invite for song requests. He fired back with a picture of himself and his girlfriend Addison Rae. However, Yachty didn't seem like he cared too much, replying, "Lol n***a I don't want yo bitch boy."

And while that may be true, he, or someone on his or DJ Scheme's team, apparently reached out to Hall to try and get the two in the music video for "E-ER." Hall shut down the request but then, he decided to pull out a screenshot of the text as if his relationship depended on winning this online discourse. Yachty had to remind Hall that it was just some lines in a rap verse that he recorded a few months ago.

"Listen kid... I wouldn’t have you in my video if my life depended on it," he wrote. "Not my song also... ALSO I did this verse 4 months ago. relax bro. It’s not that deep. Go take some shirtless photos or some."

Yet Bryce Hall wanted to poke fun at Yachty for posting a shirtless photo a few months back. In all fairness, Yachty went from a strictly Ninja Turtle diet hitting the gym so technically, isn't Bryce Hall guilty of body-shaming?

Check out the exchange below.