Aside from reports that Lil Yachty cheated on JT while she was in prison, the "Get Dripped" rapper is now being accused of not paying up after a check to the tune of $200,000 bounced for some jewelry. According to Bossip, Gunven’s Fine Jewelry sued the rapper for breach of contract. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As the story goes, Gunven has been conducting business with Yachty for two years and would regularly send him bling that he would pay for if he decided to keep. According to the publication, such items included "a $175,000 white gold diamond ring, a rose gold Patek Philippe watch that’s worth $195,000, a white gold Rolex for $95,000, and a white gold diamond tennis bracelet for $200,000."

Yachty paid off half of a balance for 20 items that rounded up to $600,000 but still owes $233,000. Gunven is going after Yachty since he wrote him a check for $70,000 that bounced. Of course, Gunven then requested his jewels back but Yachty apparently refused. Gunven's case provides text message proof where Yachty admits he can't pay him back with excuses as to why. 

“..Bro if I had it I would give it to you,” Lil Yachty allegedly wrote in a text. “I’m not gone hold u (sic) out if I had it just to give. I have had many bills to pay. Taxes, debt, etc…All that money went instantly. The teeth I just got I traded jewelry for.”

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