With certain areas cracking down the law on people attempting the "In My Feelings" challenge and Egyptians being threatened with a year in prison for going through with it, people needed a new craze to get behind. The "Zoom Challenge" has been picking up steam for a few weeks as the Offset and Lil Baby featured Lil Yachty track "Mickey" has become a huge trend. You've probably seen at least one of these videos as a person goes flying at the exact moment Offset utters his "zoom" ad-lib. Well, the challenge can effectively be closed because Lil Yachty just shared the best one yet.

Lil Boat shared the video on his Instagram, showing a kid attempting the challenge. The video starts off normally as he gets into an imaginary car and prepares to go "zoom" at the right moment. However, when that time comes, the audio cuts out and is replaced by his car dying out on him. Complete with appropriate sound effects and an appearance at the gas station to refill his tank, he finally gets back in place to finish the "Zoom Challenge." This time things happen as they should except he smashes his invisible vehicle into another pretend car. 

This clip is the most extra version of the challenge we've witnessed yet and many are claiming it's the best so far. Yachty even put in his two cents, saying the actor got creative while filming.