Lil Yachty had a close bond with late rapper XXXTentacion. While they never collaborated on any music together, they had some work planned out amongst themselves for future songs. The Atlanta-based Lil Yachty was a big fan of XXX's music and from the looks of their text message exchange, which Boat shared on the three-year anniversary of X's passing, they fully intended on minting their friendship in the studio.

Today marks the three-year anniversary of XXXTentacion's tragic passing. The superstar rapper was well-connected in the music industry so his death felt like a major blow to his peers, fans, and music executives worldwide. The incredible songwriter will never be duplicated, and that's something that Lil Yachty is well aware of.

The rapper posted a text message thread with XXXTentacion, talking to the artist about his lyrics, trips to New Zealand, and much more. Throughout the conversation, X checked in on Yachty's mental health, asking if he was doing alright and telling him that he looked tired. That's a quality that many of X's friends have spoken about, pointing out that he was always showing love and care to his loved ones. 

With unmatched energy, it's safe to say there will never be another XXXTentacion. Read through Lil Yachty's tribute post below.