Lil Yachty has won over legions of fans through his affable and laid back demeanor. Though generally a barrel of laughs, Lil Boat took a serious turn during his recent interview with Big Boy of Big Boy's neighborhood. 

When the late XXXTentacion is brought up, Yachty takes a moment to reflect on the situation. Vowing to undergo a personal change, Yachty opens up, saying "this past week, it's been a lot going on. With that, it just really opened my eyes on life." Big Boy soon caught on to what Yachty was referring to, and asked him about X directly. Yachty continues, saying "as a person I just want to be a better person to the community. I always had that dream but he was really acting on it. You can say something all day and say you wanna be this person all day, but you gotta really act on it. And this past week at his funeral, it really made me look at life a whole lot differently. Making me cherish it more, and the things that I have, the position that I'm in."

He proceeds to vow that moving forward, he'll make an effort to be a part of his community. "I want to be a different person," muses Yachty. "I been a good person, I've always been a good person, but I want to be the best person, in a serious way. I really want to be like, active. I want to help, and learn more about what's going on in the world." 

Sounds like Yachty is on the path to enlightenment. Say what you will about the young man's music, but it's hard not to respect him. Peep the video below - X talk kicks off around the 17 minute mark.