A few weeks back, Lil Yachty announced on Instagram that he planned to sell his entire Supreme collection, as well as a portion of his designer wardrobe on Grailed, a website and app for buying and selling high-end, secondhand menswear and streetwear.

“Got tired of seeing all this Supreme, so I’m about to grab all my shit that I want to sell. I’m going to fucking grailed.com and I’m selling all my shit,” says Lil Yachty.

Obviously, Yachty's goal is to give fans an opportunity to own some of the most sought-after Supreme pieces and rare collectibles from Raf Simons, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Margiela x Converse, Gosha and more – items they couldn’t otherwise find or buy and at prices they can afford.

Yachty has always been very engaged with his fanbase and now he’s furthering that by giving unprecedented access on the platform he knows will speak to them directly. As a result, Grailed has partnered up with Yachty to release his exclusive collection next Monday, August 27.

Check out some of the gear that will be up for grabs in the video embedded below.