Lil Yachty took to Instagram to share some of his views concerning some "big rappers" in the game when it comes to those on the come up. His live video contains a bunch of expletives, of course, but his message is clear. It can be summed up to his belief that successful rap stars should support the youngins' in public if they recognize their talent, rather than cap for them in private. He addresses local rappers and stars in the making: "They play your sh*t at their house with their homeboys. All these rap n*gg*s f*ck with y'all sh*t." He specifies, " All these big rap n*gg*s, these ones you idolize..."

Watch the following clip below for the full rant:

These sentiments may come from some of the dialogue surrounding XXXTentacion's death. Lil Yachty's words echo those spoken by Master P last week. The OG took to his own Instagram account to shed light on the "phony" people in the rap game. Many thought his message might be in response to one of Kanye West's tweets in which he praised XXXTentacion as an "inspiration" after the young rapper's death. Master P pointed out how big names in the game should show support for the young rappers on the rise while they are still alive and hustling.