Last week, Yung Bans announced the star-studded tracklist to his upcoming album Misunderstood. People were excited to see the names that would be gracing the project, including appearances from Future, YNW Melly, Young Thug, and the late XXXTentacion. One man that was not listed on the back album cover was Lil Yachty, who came through on social media to rip the Atlanta rapper to shreds, claiming that his entire album concept was lifted from his own discography.

A few years ago, Lil Yachty released Teenage Emotions, which he had worked hard on perfecting. The concept behind the music was very clear, pertaining to the growing up experience and how everybody's own backgrounds differ. Yachty, who has passionately referred to himself as the "King of the Youth," decided to take a stand against anybody who feels alienated, dedicating his album to the folks who have been different their entire lives. Yung Bans' "Misunderstood" is essentially a very similar idea and Lil Boat isn't entirely happy (or surprised) to see that Bans is capitalizing off the idea, calling him out for biting his style. 

The two artists went back-and-forth on Twitter, getting downright disrespectful and calling out the other for a general lack of skills. Responding to a fan that said that Bans' debut would be better than Yachty's last three projects, Boat chimed in by saying he was just copying him anyways. "Misunderstood is literally a imprint of teenage emotions," said the young rapper. Yung Bans caught wind of the shade before he responded with his own insults. "You a whole hoe and your music will never sound like mine," said Bans. "Tf is teenage emotions sweet ass n***a?!"

As if that wasn't enough, DJ Akademiks rehashed his own beef with Yung Bans through this, calling him out for being "slow." "What u mean dumb n***a," said Ak. "The meaning behind teenage emotions I literally growing up and being misunderstood.. u a slow ass n***a fr .. be original."

Oof. Whose side are you on?